31st March 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

It is now 31st May 2011 the last day of the month, the mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship, Chris the circle leader present with Sylvia the medium. It has been a very positive sitting, many spirit came through, some spirit people did not speak, Silas, Tommy and Leslie flint came through and spoke, Spirit world Art picture was drawn and painted by Rembrandt whilst the medium was fully blind folded, the images below of the spirit people who came through are below, faces appeared over medium whilst her eyes was blind folded,  and also Leslie flint said he was attempting to get himself seen on the recording. Take a look below at the images of the sitting, more images will be added that are found in the recording. Some images of Leslie flint are stages of him coming through transfiguration whilst communicating with Chris, you may or may not agree on the images of him appearing, this is how he came through the sitting will add any more images found to this blog, an audio clip of Leslie speaking through medium is below.

Leslie flint face in front of mediums face, building in front of mediums face in stages, more visible, still transparent

Leslie flint face appears in front of mediums, transfiguration building over mediums face
whilst Leslie flint is communicating with chris, the building of transfiguration of face is in progress
This building up of transfiguration in meduiumss face appears during the time Leslie flint is communicating with Chris

spirit person appearing after the spirit world art session, no communication given
just before the sitting begins medium in the chair, her facial appearance becomes different

mediums face is transfiguring

spirit world art being drawn by rembrant

Rembrandt appearing over mediums blind fold during the spirit world art of white fang painting

mediums higher self bringing through a spirit person, medium behind in chair

spirit person next to medium in chair

mediums face transfiguring

spirit world art being painted by rembrandt through medium

Rembrandt coming through the medium, whilst she blind folded

after the spirit world art is complete and blind fold rfemoved, a spirit person possibly rembrandt attempting to appear out of the medium in front of her

Spirit person of Rembrandt beginning to appear whilst medium in trance and blind folded for spirit world art

Chris assists in moving the table closer to the medium in preparation to begin spirit world art

spirit communication taking place, the face of spirit appears on the mediums forhead

spirit world art through medium by Rembrandt doing the picture of white fang

further shot of spirit world art in action picture being painted through medium by Rembrandt whilst medium heavily blind folded

the paint palet in the mediums hand

Rembrandt painting the picture of white fang through medium blind folded

part dematerialize showing of medium arm, materializing a utensil of Rembrandt on the completed white fang picture

spirit world art of paining white fang

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Silas Appearing above mediums head

Rembrandt doing the spirit world art painting of white fang, his face appearing over the blind fold

Rembrandt working through medium doing spirit world art white fang painting, whilst medium blind folded

rembrandt doing spirit world art of white fang through medium

medium face transfiguring after the spirit world art session

Spirit world art drawing being done through medium by rembrandt
medium going through transfiguration after spirit world art
the completed picture of white fang being handed over to chris
medium transfiguring after the spirit world art
changes coming through medium spirit person Rembrandt completing the  painting of white fang

medium and higher self working with spirit people in chair, higher self of medium bringing through a spirit person

when medium is coming out of trance and chris shows her the white fang picture a spirit person pops up next to her



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