3rd May 2011 Day 10 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings


it is now 3rd may 2011, the holidays are over, and the weather is still good and sunny, this morning Sylvia sat for meditation, she propped the camera up with cushions and sat near window in lounge recording the meditation, after sitting and going over the recording, faces have appeared, Sylvia will be sitting in the evening for physicalmediumship, check back later on the post updates. Before i forget, Sylvia had an email back from Revaulx abbey about the logo that came up on the screen, at the moment there's n o information given on it, however Sylvia has been asked to go to the abbey for further history on this as it could be an UN discovered logo or possibly some one else may have the information. THIS EVENING SITTING CANCELLED SORRY.
Meditation sitting In Lounge  Morning:


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