4th May 2011 Day 11 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sitting


it is now 4th may 2011 it has been a stressful day, not much could be done for sittings as other commitments had to be dealt with, life is too precious to lose. Today i felt sad, i felt bad over something  and sometimes we have to address things, any how it is all OK now. in the evening Sylvia sat for physicalmediumship, communicators came through however one wonderful surprise, a person came through drew and colored in a picture and signed it, It says Renoir in the boulevard,could this be a self portrait of himself? how he looks now in spirit world, you can see the picture above the text in this blog, some transfiguration did take place and healing, the camera used was the new camera, the camera was a distance from the medium, the faces may not be as good in quality, yet you will know the changes taking place.



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