5th May 2011 Day 12 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings


It is now the 5th May 2011 day 12 of the Big Spirit Experiment, sitting for meditation has been allot better this morning, yet Sylvia cannot wait for this evenings sitting for physical, much more gonna be done in what is asked of spirit people to attempt to achieve during sitting, and lets see how it goes.If any more images are found on the recording for this mornings sitting for meditation, it will be added, check back this evening for the updates on the physicalmediumship sitting.

Physicalmediumsip sitting in evening: 

the evening sitting was amazing for the mysterious circle, Chris the circle leader witnessed the spirit world art whilst medium entranced and got to also greet the people Count Rufus and Josephine who had much to share, Silas and Tommy spoke, the letter and picture will be scanned and added here for you to see and read, remarkable sitting.

spirit world art from a spirit person called count rufus, self portrait

mediums hands dematerialize and spirit hands come through in preparation for spirit world art with spirit people who come through during sitting

face of josephine who wrote a letter with her full name and address included, this will be checked out

josephine and other spirit hands appear whilst medium in chair

josephine appears with grey to white hair over medium in chair

Count Rufus appearing over mediums face

letter from josephine

count rufus self portrait

Meditation sitting in lounge:

medium higher self comes forward dematerialize medium

mediums transfiguration is very strong at this point

medium is transfiguring another spirit person appearing through over the mediums face

mediums higher self appearing to the side of medium

medium transfiguring

medium going through transfiguration changes
medium transfiguring in the full face
transfiguration becoming clearer in mediums face
during transfiguration the nose is producing substance from nostrils to do with the vortex

Medium has transfigured strongly around the nose



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