6th May 2011 Day 13 BIG Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS Circle Sittings

it has been a mixed morning, at one point it started to show signs of rain outside now it sunny again, it is 6th May 2011, Sylvia has sat for meditation in the lounge on the settee, propped up the camera, It is a real effort for any spirit person to appear, yet it is a time that more is achieved, the more progress has been made by them, take a look at the images below of different stages of the transfiguration in mediums face.It is possible the evening sitting may still go ahead even though Chris on call, please check the updates for 5th may post also for the evening.

Physicalmediumship sitting:
Message: watch for updates for this evenings experiment, if Chris cannot sit with the medium, it may change to meditation sitting, however the BIG test tonight is to see if spirit team can encourage Tom Harrison the son of Minnie Harrison, to come forward and show himself or communicate, that's if he is ready. Will add more pictures tomorrow, will see if tom Harrison has appeared on the footage.Communication came through with Tommy, Melanie Cartwright and Lucy, those who did not speak by voice either nodded head or wrote, Melanie Cartwright drew a picture for Chris and it is of Edward Charles Heath, Lucy wrote on paper and she drew a picture of her and Chris past life together, will scan them and add to the post, still checking video recordings for more spirit people and Tom Harrison, we was told by spirit team, they will encourage him, yet he has to be ready to come forward, if nothing is found obviously his appearance not on the video, we will also in other sittings to come encourage tom to appear face to face as well as appear on the video, and also when a person lived miles away, it still applies in the spirit world, takes time for that person to travel to another place.
It is getting more positive in the sittings as there are more signs the spirit people are working hard to do more in being seen not just on the pictures, yet face to face in the sittings. Still Updating this blog post with images keep checking back

head of spirit person materializing transparent next to mediums head

spirit person head transparent next to mediums head

this is not the mediums higher self, it is another spirit person

more materialized spirit person  face appeared over mediums face

who does this remind you of?

Meditation sitting in lounge:

higher self in front of medium, mediums face transfigures



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