9th May 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

It has been a very trying week, the medium has been going through problems, times she has felt her mediumship may not be real in other peoples eyes and those people have never sat with her. It does not put the medium off sitting, it gives more determination, not to give up on the spirit people, dedication and time, any medium spares with spirit people, helps spirit achieve there goals. People in physical life should be grateful and respectful of the spirit people and appreciate what they do manage to bring through. Sylvia sat this morning, here are some real good spirit faces that came through meditation sitting in lounge and seance room, the physicalmediumship experiment continues this evening. For those who read this, do you want the mysterious circle to close off the net or not? please let them know, thank you.

Evening Sitting without Chris:

mediums has transfigured

spirit hand clearly seen whilst mediums face transfiguring

medium has fully transfigured

medium has gone through transfiguration change

mediums has transfigured

mediums face transfiguring

mediums face has transfigured

mediums face transfigured

mediums face transfigured

mediums face has transfigured

this male spirit appears in front the medium just before the sitting closes medium was about to get out the chair
as medium leans forward in chair, this spirit face clearly appears even though the medium face looks a mess to see, another spirit transfigures behind the spirit face in front

medium transfiguring through the vortex transparency

medium has transfigured

Meditation Sitting In Seance Room & Lounge in morning:

mediums face has transfigured

mediums higher self is here yet the higher self face has transfigured

spirit person face appears over front mediums face

2 transfigurations in one 2 faces here clearly seen

2 transfigurations in one, 2 faces clearly seen

mediums higher self bringing through another spirit person face

mediums de materialisation, higherself is part visible in the chair, a males head appearing

medium moving to the end seat yet face transfigures, much spirit activity in room

medium in lounge transfiguring

mediums face fully transfigured



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