A Big unexpected Suprise Arises for sylvia of mysterious circle 14th May 2011

on the 17th April 2011 Sylvia sat for meditation, different spirit peoples face's came through transfiguring over her, she thought nothing of who some the people could be until now, on the 13th may 2011 Sylvia was looking for something in her bedroom, and out the blue a box appeared with family photo's in, at the top looking at her, is her grand mother who is the mother to Sylvia's dad. take a look at the transfiguration picture, of the face appearing in Sylvia's neck area upwards. Then look at her grand mother, you will see the strong resemblance that she made a big effort unexpectedly to appear. This has brought tears to Sylvia, as she meant everything to her, and even though it was a short time getting to know her, there bond is still strong. And as it is in life, spirit will return for different reason's to show they care, they have not forgotten family, and there presence is still very much there even though they are no longer in a physical body any more, so the saying goes from Sylvia, never doubt your loved ones in never coming back for a visit, they are always with you, and always will be, till they decide they want to move on some where else, yet will still return by there own free will, you can never move spirit on, only they choose to do it themselves.

       17th April 2011 meditation sitting, sylvia's grandmother appears, and she did not realize it until

Sylvia's gran



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