For And Against physical Mediumship an Article from SPirit of PN

Back in march 2011 a post was put up on the net from the Spirit Of PN I was not aware of this post until today about the BIG DOUBTS even the spiritual movement feel when it comes to physicalmediumship in the dark the question marks people feel about those who still practice it today. If there was a chance a physicalmedium who sits in the light where there is NO darkness, what would there questions be on this? would they doubt it? would they welcome it? or would they reject the chances of it all together because they do not want to accept any medium who has a gift that can bring through spirit. Why turn there backs on physicalmediumship, not all physicalmediums are a fake. The fakes are those who DO want to trick and con people and gain something they know they do not have.

I feel it would be a good Idea I post up how to spot a fake medium and a genuine medium when it comes to this type of mediumship.

Click on the link   Spirit Of PN to go read the Article on Physicalmediumship for and Against and go by your own judgment, It is a shame the physicalmediumship has been ruined by those who are not real mediums, and have Spoilt it for those who are.



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