Possible Tours to Historical locations, sitting for beyond physicalmediumship Big Spirit Experiment


1st May 2011 Carlisle Castle The Tower where Mary Queen Of Scots was imprisoned, medium has transfigured in the face.
It is getting to that time where spirit team want to expand the big Spirit Experiments, mysterious circle will be contacting soon some historical locations through the correct channels to take the experiments out in the venues and do lengthy physicalmediumship, bringing through as many spirit people as possible and get them not just seen by the eye, however captured on the video recordings to. The Experiments will not be just be based on sitting in one spot and have the place blacked out, this will be very different, we may include some public, or we may do some experiments for a while without then include public, which ever way spirit team wants the sittings to happen, we shall do, not sure when this will begin however we hope it can happen during the school holiday time? Will keep you updated on this.
If you think this would be a good idea please let the medium Sylvia know, and should it be a free service? ask for donations? or charge a small fee to public?


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