POWER, EGO,CONTROL Life is very unfair?

Life is very unfair?

It has been brought to my attention what is accepted and what is not accepted when it comes to people in life being treated with up most respect and equal-ness for anything some one feels deep within there own self they are or know is good at, whether for a Job of any kind under any subject or category, or a hobby, or just of pure interest.
Why do people have to have a status of level to be accepted in something? Or if not a status of level, why can't people accept each others interests, hobbies, jobs what ever they feel connected to in.
It is known fact that when for example you do a recognized course at a college or university and if you pass the course, you become seen as qualified. However the proof is in the pudding when you throw a person in at the deep end who has become qualified for a job role , the person has to be able to the the Job  they are qualified for, many people may have wonderful minds to complete paper work and pass an exam, yet put the person in the real situation of  doing a job in relation to the course they passed, does not always mean they can do it. You either have the know how, the natural skill, or born to this kind of job or not, if your not meant for it, you will end up having to find something else more suitable for you. You either click with it or you do not.

The Same applies to those who may get pass marks on different subjects in the spiritual subjects, whether it be Healing, Trance Mediumship, Medium, Riki healing, physicalmediumship etc. the list goes on.

How does one know, the educators who teach a course is or is not giving you the correct information when learning a course?
Who began each course and where did it come from originally?

Who sets the rules for Courses to gain a passmark or not?
Why are those who are in higher positions of any Job role given the opportunity to be judge and jury over another lower class person's abilities, what they can and cannot do, how to think and feel, and treat even those of another race or disability that they can or cannot have the same chances of opportunity of those of other race or abilities?

Sometimes people who do not have a qualification even though there maybe a reason why they may not have had a chance to study or gain one for different reasons in there life, it does not mean, that the person, does not know anything, or does not know how to do something, there are people who are not qualified by paper, can sometimes do a far better job than those who are qualified by a piece of paper.

Power EGO control seems to be the biggest thing going in life, where those who seem to want to get above others for one reason or another seem to think they own, and can control, and can have the power to play Russian roulette with people lives, there abilities, there confidence, there chances of gain, a say in what happens to those who need to be kept out the way.

Who pushes the button when it comes to making a decision? Who is the real spokesman in the background for the whole planet, what is said goes?
We never hear of the real one behind the scenes, you may get a parliament, a government, a prime minister and world leaders, but who is above all them that gives out the say so to the people? It not the public say either making the decision, it goes far more beyond that. That can be saved for another time separate discussion.
If you as a person, like or dis like something, do you have the right or not to say how you feel? How you want a choice or say in something?

Do you think it is right or wrong to put those who have abilities to do something and can do something physically whether disabled or not to have the same equal-ness as a able person?
Do you think people of all colors of skin should be treated fairly and equal? And Not be judged and treated different to another nationality
Do you feel or not feel those who have something to offer whether creative, an invention, or even naturally gifted with an ability to do something special, should be treated as an outcast or different because they truly have something they are good at?

All these question marks are for you to decide and make up your own mind how things can make you feel in life by those who may be to ego, power minded, controlling, gaining for a status of wanting it all to treat others poorly, money powers, the list goes on.

We all share the same bubble, we all live in the same universe, we all breathe the same fresh air, we all eat, drink, sleep, we all have right to go to places and enjoy it, we all have right to survive in the right way, why do those have all the say and take what they think is all there's when rightfully it belongs to everyone, meaning the planets?

Who made it a priority and invented the idea on money and why is it needed and do we need it?
Who made it a priority and brought a block on planet earth that we are all alien to each other when it comes to entering another country from your own, why? Yet we all live on the same planet yet cannot go past any lines, there are reasons now yes that could cause problems which is understandable with crime, how did the alienation come in to blocking country access begin , who by and why?

Life should be enjoyed, life should be free, life should not be all about hardship, struggle, power, gain, control, ego etc., it should be about uniting, making a difference, being equal, not who owns the planet through power means by those who say they have the right to just take over.

We all have rights, we all have a say, we all are individuals, we all came from the same seed, we all have abilities and gifts, NO ONE should have the right to take it way from you or make you feel you have no right to anything that truly matters to you in your life, as long as your a good person wishing nobody any harm, you have free will and right to be who you are.

This is not to cause disharmony or negativity, this is for those people who need hope in there lives and are looking for direction, how many people are feeling low at this time in there life and feel there is no hope? Many are
Does anyone care who does have the power to help those they can help if they want to? Some may help, not all, many walk by a homeless person in the street, and what money they may have in there pocket that could be spare change, will not always give, some turn a blind eye with out a care in the world and could not care less what happens to that person/s, if that's how a person can become cold, maybe that person should think about this, if one day that person ended up homeless with nothing, everything gone, how would that person who is greedy, selfish, above themselves feel if they lost it all and ended up homeless and the public treated them in the same light as non existent?

Remember it does not matter what status you are in your life, if you care and you look out for others who are in need, the good you give out shall return for you. Sometimes it does not always work that way, but remember, YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU GIVE.



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