12th June 2011 Big Healing Spirit Experiment special mysterious Circle

It is Sunday 12th June 2011, an opportunity has been given to the mysterious circle to begin the Spirit healing a day earlier, Sylvia the medium feels whilst alone sitting, it may be a better time to work with the Vortex and expand it out more so the people who are in need of healing can get a better chance to receive stronger healing from the spirit healers them selves, The session has been video recorded, a video clip will be added to the video page and this post so you can see what has occurred. since the New camera's have been in operation, the old camera seems to of renew itself and working in better than it ever did. Spirit photographers like to try out anything new to them. please enjoy the images below, and the video clip. May all healing help those who are in great need now, the healing will continue, especially for those who are not mobile. When Sylvia read the healing list out during the sitting, spirit already began making an appearance, take a look below.

Meditation Sitting Evening:

YouTube Link: 



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