15th June 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

Today is 15th June 2011,Mysterious circle sat for beyond physicalmediumship in light in the seance room, spirit world art took place, transfiguration, there is a short clip video below of the transfiguration taking place, circle leader is present, no other sitters, photographer is the spirit photographers themselves, the sitting lasted about 50 minutes, began at around 6:30 pm UK England time, below are some images that are still shots off the video recording, only one camera filmed today, Below is the spirit world art picture of Anthony, this was also completed by spirit through the sitting whilst medium fully blind folded with a very thick non see through scarf.

Evening Sitting in Seance Room:

the mediums higher self walks towards the camera whilst medium still in chair

Spirit World Art of Anthony coats, medium in chair blind folded, Chris the circle leader showing the picture to camera

phenomena occurs over medium, part of the mediums higher self appears

materialization attempt in chair



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