17th June 2011 MysterioUs Circle Big Spirit Experiment

It is the last day of the week for the mysterious circle sitting of 17th June 2011 until possibly Sunday or Monday next sitting. This evenings sitting only lasted about just over 30 minutes in length, attempted materialization was taking place but some how the circle leader got in the way of this and caused the vortex a problem which affected the medium when she came out of trance suffering a headache, however she is alright and also the spirit people. What parts of the sitting took place to the point it was going alright added below are images from the video recording of the spirit transfiguration's taking place, a video clip will be added to this post and to the video page, other wise the sitting was alright for the medium, the circle leader felt something was wrong in the sitting. We will let the spirit decide on that one and you the reader to the post.

Evening Sitting in Seance Room Transfiguration:



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