1st June 2011 Evidential Update on sitting

It has been brought to the attention for the mysterious circle, the sitting which took place on the 1st June 2011 that a spirit that appears was recognized in the picture below, take a look at 2 different pictures who are father and son, cannot give there names out of respect of the family wishes and as advised to much information given can be easily read by any one searching the net for example fraudulent mediums who may try to fake a link by getting the info in advance before a reading or sitting for any sitter.

it has been pointed out that the resemblances are similar for both people in the sitting picture, yet one of them is still alive. Mysterious Circle already knows who is passed over. When evidence is given, and some one recognizes there loved one, it is an achievement for those in the spirit world that contact is coming through, there efforts to be seen is giving them more positive results that what they do themselves to be seen is working out for them by the results commented back to them.
Mysterious Circle are very pleased that this person has been identified and if he wishes to appear again in the sittings, he is welcome anytime.

 Proving the afterlife is not easy, as there will always be a skeptic who will try and look for another explanation, the real evidence is for those who know those spirit people they see is connected to them and recognized, have come through for them, and this should be accepted for those people who doubt.
Spirit Face appears to the side  of mediums face, the spirit face is side view looking on, another face is transfiguring over mediums own face





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