1st June 2011 mysterious circle sitting Big Spirit experiment

1st June 2011
Due to severe eye sight blur since sitting in the mysterious circle, the medium is still feeling the effects of the blind woman who came through called chicita who also did spirit world art, this means the post will be late posting please check back tomorrow for updates Thank you

It has been a very interesting sitting, chis the circle leader witnessed spirit world art with a native American Indian called chicita a pow wow, also a bird she owns appears on Chris back, it has been said in the sitting she works a lot with the animal kingdom. She was disappointed with her painting and drew another picture. Tommy spoke during the beginning and closing of the sitting. The light that appears like an aura around medium is brighter red light beam. Any more images found on the recording will be added.

spirit world art in action

spirit person emerging out the medium

spirit hands of chicita appearing during the spirit world art session

chicita working through medium with spirit world art, medium blind folded

spirit world art in action

spirit world art taking place by chicita

medium transfiguring spirit face appearing to the side of mediums

spirit arms and hands working there wonder around medium preparing for spirit world art

mediums face has transfigured, her eyes look blind

higher self of medium looking on at medium in chair a spirit is making the attempt to appear through her

higher self of medium by mediums chair tending to medium

spirit person a male appearing, his head just in front to one side of mediums head,he has side burns

higher self of medium by the medium in chair

medium tranffiguring
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Spirit Face appears to the side  of mediums face, the spirit face is side view looking on, another face is transfiguring over mediums own face
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a bird appears on chris back when helping put the table in front medium, the bird belongs to chicata



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