20th June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

 It has been a nice sunny morning, it is a pity the medium could not sit outside or go some where, where she could relax in the nice warm conditions. Any how she sat in the seance room for a short sitting of about 20 minutes meditating, she communicated to the spirit people then began meditating, look at the pictures and the short video clip of what occurs, transfiguration, materialization attempts and also higher Self of medium appears at times.

Watch this space for this evenings Big healing Experiment

Evening Sitting Big Healing Experiment seance Room:

Video Clip:

It has been a very positive sitting for the healing experiment even though the medium sat alone with her spirit team, the connection was very strong, the spirit healers worked with the medium bringing through vast amounts of healing energy to those who are in great need in the world, the people who are on the healing list, had vast amounts of healing sent to them, those who are in bed that are struggling with terminal health has been given strong doses of the energy, everyone on the list got a good strong amount sent, look at the video clip of the spirit healers coming through the medium to work the healing. there are pictures below of the positive sitting, the healing still continues as there are many people greatly in need at this time.

mysterious circle sitting meditation 20th June 2011

Meditation Sitting seance Room Morning:



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