21st June 2011 LIVE Camera Broadcast Mysterious Circle

It has been a busy day 21st June 2011 the mysterious circle made a important decision, to change to a new seance room, to keep it separate from the portany circle, it meant the medium had to clear a room out that was spare and put all seance cabinet in. Wow what a difference in this room, was not expecting things to immediately occur but since sitting in the new room it felt good, the Live
Broadcast went well as far as we know, any how was amazed how many still shots appeared on the video recording, take a look below, a video clip will be added soon, The cabinet is a proper seance cabinet, the filming was done in white light, 1 web camera broadcasting and 1 camera filming and recording the sitting, Chris was only sitter present, the spirit people worked the camera.

21st June 2011 LIVE Camera Broadcast MysterioUS Circle Beyond Physicalmediumship

21st June 2011 LIVE Camera Broadcast Mysterious Circle physicalmediumship

  Evening Live Physicalmediumship Broasdcast to private viewers:

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