22nd June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment Meditation sitting mysterious Circle

It is the 2nd day sitting in the new seance room for 22nd June 2011, The sitting did not last long spirit team closed it earlier than should, The room was very active things could be heard moving in the room at different times, earlier on in the daytime when Sylvia was in the seance room alone, a sound as Ra Ta Ta Tat of raps on the window, no one was there, she called out who is there, no response, maybe she was being tested. Take a look at the images below, what came through the meditation sitting this evening when the medium sat alone.

Whilst I was sat watching tv and posting up the first lot pictures tonight, I had this sudden urge to want to dance, my mind went straight to the seance room, dance in there and see what happens, well I started off standing then I ended up in the chair, 2 versions of dance in the seance room, and the medium was not alone, spirit appeared on the video recording, take a look at the pictures below, will add rest tomorrow.

Meditation sitting Evening Seance Room:



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