23rd June 2011 Big Spirit dance experiment seance room

the days seem to fly by and we are now 23rd June 2011, well it is morning, the medium of mysterious circle thought she would do another dance experiment this morning in the seance room, take a look at the images below what has appeared, spirit people have abilities to be part of many things in there world as well as being in the invisible in ours even though they are well and truly connected.

Evening Sitting for physicalmediumship:
The evening sitting was cut short, it lasted about 20 minutes, during the 20 minutes for the camera transfiguration occurred and some spirit heads appear next to the mediums, Chris is present during the sitting, a spirit world artist called Manuel did a spirit world art drawing and color he is one of the main artists that come through, he did a picture of martin sheen, Manuel passed away in 1849 he was originally from France but lived in Rome, he said he had his tongue cut out before he passed away, he communicated by automatic writing. awful way to pass.The reason for the spirit photographer closing down the camera whilst sitting took place, the energy was powerful and there was risk it could cause the camera to break, so the photographer closed the camera down. the sitting continued until the spirit world art was complete and Tommy was ready to close. Positive sitting....medium now needs her rest.

 23rd June 2011 Big Spirit dance experiment seance room:


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