24th June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment Meditation sitting mysterious Circle

This morning the medium Sylvia of mysterious circle sat for physicalmediumship alone, she wanted the spirit to prove there existence as she has felt low this morning, she asked her spirit team to do spirit art while she blind folded, picture is of Graham Clooney you will be amazed of the face that appears over the front of the scarf of the spirit who did the picture, the picture will be added below for you to see, other faces came through over the mediums in transfiguration also, still checking the video recording for more images, will sit tonight for evening sitting. there was activity in the seance room this morning noises of things moving about, the medium felt the spirit on her before and after sitting, was a good sitting.

Evening Sitting:

it has been a special time, an important urgent healing has been sent out for a friends neice who is terminaly ill, you will see in some of the images below the ether of the hands pushing out healing energy for the help and guidance needed for this patient, the mediums hands alter in size and shape, other hands appear from spirit healers channeling the healing to help this person, healing still continues, Spirit world art been drawn of Marcus tovelli , transfiguration has been attempted on the mediums face, there are spirit person's head appearing near medium and in the back of cabinet, it was a positive sitting, Chris was present. Medium is having to rest up now till sunday as alot of resources from her been used for very strong connection to spirit people. Medium is not sure if she likes the cabinet, she may sit near a white wall next time see if it better. tommy and Silas communicated tonight with Chris.Any more images found will be posted up.

daytime sitting:



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