27th June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

today is the 27th June 2011, Sylvia the medium of mysterious circle decided to sit in the seance room and meditate, she thought singing outwardly to lift the vibrations, would help bring stronger connection to the spirit people. it has been a positive sitting, look at the results below, she will be doing the big healing experiment tonight , sitting this morning has enabled her to get better focused and in preparation for the spirit healing as many healers will appear tonight and patients ether may to be seen being healed, Not sure what spirit will do tonight, but what Sylvia may do is read out the healing list to encourage the spirit healers to be aware those who need healing and if they wish to begin they will.

Big Spirit Healing Experiment Sitting evening:

It has been a very positive sitting for the healing sitting,chris arrived late in the sitting however the healing took place, the room was very active, the medium felt the connection was very good, there was not a lot of communication, the healing continues to those on the healing list, plus to people in the world who too may need help and guidance. take a look at the images below.

Morning Meditation Sitting: 



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