28th June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

28th June 2011
It has been a very mixed morning, one of sadness and disappointment then to upliftment. When negativity creeps in it is not good. it is better to address problems try resolve them, then work forward in peace, sometimes it does not always work out sorry to those that maybe feeling off right now, hope you understand the situation of the mysterious circle.
Sylvia sat this morning for meditation, before blind folding her self she put her new friend next to the cabinet for you to see, note the camera has moved during filming which you will notice in the pictures below, you may think the macaw is a real bird, it is a fur real bird, this is here to encourage more from the animal kingdom to appear in the seance room, it is not as nicety however the spirit people welcomed the bird which is seen on the video clip. Spirit world art took place and Chris arrived late in the room yet took part in what was left of the meditation sitting, Tommy spoke, no other spirit wanted to speak. The live broadcast on camera is this evening, for those who have access look forward to seeing you online, BIG HUGS xxx to you all a BIG hugs and Kiss to ART And a Big BIG Sorry and also to MAURICE & Charles Hugs xx to you both and sorry, and sorry to anyone else. You are all wonderful people.

Evening Sitting Live Camera:
Thank you viewers for watching the Live sitting, it has been a very positive success for the spirit people, 106 images on post tonight, still more to still shot, will post up the video recording tomorrow. you will see just how clear the spirit people have come through, phenomena came out on the video recording, grey images as well as normal, activity from spirit occurred in the seance room as the sitting was about to start, spirit was also appearing during the medium preparing. Enjoy the images below.

it has been brought to the mediums attention today by a online viewer who watched the live the broadcast that a spirit who communicated called Samuel who gave his full details about himself has been confirmed evidential, this person details matched exactly to the life they had up to passing over, it shows a great achievement to the spirit people when they can verify who they are. thank you to all who watched the sitting.

the video clips may at times appear fast this is how it came out on the video recording, the power in the sitting was strong, the video clips have not been slowed down.
Video Clips:
Video 1  28th June 2011 LIVE Camera Broadcast Mysterious Circle

Video 2 28th June 2011 LIVE Camera Broadcast Mysterious Circle part 2

spirit world art by kutumbu who is a witch doctor and healer,did this picture Spirit Of Eden

Click play to listen to Silas Speak of the coming in 2012

full audio clip not in play only 5 mins

the spirit leave a mirror image over the medium and written text, the writing could be similar to the spirit of Eden writing? if it is similar, this could be kutumbu letting you know they have there writing on the other side

Kutumbu appears behind the Medium

Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins

Morning meditation sitting:
The Higher self of the Medium works alongside the spirit people bringing them through, sometimes you will see higher self of medium, the other spirit people you will also see.

Mediums higher self near the mediums chair, the vortex is strongly opening up getting ready for the meditation sitting



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