2nd June 2011 mysterious circle sitting Big Spirit Experiment Spofforth Castle

It has been a real nice sunny day on the 2nd June 2011, a day to venture out and visit Spofforth castle with the family, during the visit the place was not packed out immediately with people only a few, so the medium of mysterious circle grabbed the moments she could to film and link in to the castle, the place felt good, there was a spot that had a very mixed energy about it. If there was a more time and relaxation for the medium to work further, there is a very strong chance more would have been achieved, some images have the higher self of the medium in, yet spirit do appear in some of the images. When the visit came to an abrupt stand still due to public becoming busy in parts of the castle, the filming had to stop. It had a real good atmosphere, positive link, there is a picture I will show you on here, medium was aware of the person, now if she was not aware then obviously anything could be assumed, yet the medium is honest in the work she does, whilst the medium was near the camera a young boy went past her, now at the time she did have the lens not in shot of him and was no  where near the boy yet he appears on the film, yet the medium feels even though the boy past her another boys face comes  in with a difference, this is an open question mark, when you look at some one and you know how the person looks at the time of seeing them, yet when you play back the film and see the face not as clear or not the same as the person you seen during filming,  you then keep a question mark an open mind to who at that time was coming in during the boy going by the medium, no other public member went by only him.
In the evening the medium sat alone for meditation, which meant questions was asked yet answers are still in wait. The meditation lasted 18 minutes, the medium felt drained, due to a busy day, so she will need to re check the recordings again tomorrow for anything missed. enjoy what you see below for now.

Video Links here:

the boy you see walking from the back of the medium,when the medium stood sheilding the camera is a real boy, not a spirit

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Spofforth Castle Afternoon:

higher self of medium appearing

medium with higher self

medium and higher self together

spirit hands on wall

spirit person appearing in front of medium

spirit hands around medium

male spirit transfigures over medium

medium transgfiguring

medium is transfiguring, very strong connection

2  male spirit people appear over and to the side of mediums face

medium holds the wall for a link yet her hands are melting away in the image

whilst medium shields the camera, she was aware of a boy walking past and seen his face, This is not spirit, a real live person

medium with higher self looking on, mediums higher self shows an injury to knee an object embedded, the affects of a spirit person passing during battle

higher self arm reaching out medium linking in to spirit

face appearing in the mediums face

mediums face goes through a transfiguration during standing in a enclosed small room

mediums higher self brings through a male spirit person, face appears looking at you next to medium

while the medium higher self stands a male spirit person an elder head appears  behind mediums head

whilst medium stood up lower down the higher self of medium goes looking in the hole in the wall

medium and higher self looking out to bring spirit people through

medium and higher self together, mediums higher self bringing through a spirit person

spirit person face appears over medium

Evening Meditation sitting:

spirit face transfiguring over mediums face

spirit person attempting to materialize over medium ,transparent

medium transfiguring

medium transfiguring, spirit face appearing

medium face transfigured spirit face in view

mediums face transfigured, spirit face looking at you

medium transfiguring, 2 faces in one

spirit person face appearing in the side of mediums face

spirit person transparent over medium

spirit person head next to mediums head, mediums face transfigured, some one wearing glasses?

medium transfigures

medium transfiguring

spirit person attempting to materialize, the medium still in chair, the higher self of medium leaning forward,spirit man behind

medium face going through transfiguration a face is appearing,spirit arm to

spirit face appearing over the mediums

medium transfiguring



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