30th june 2011 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

30th June 2011
It has been a morning of wonder, unexpected things happen, yet when you know there are people in the world suffering some where, it can be a sad time for anyone close to any individual to go through the worry and concerns for one another not just for the individual, the news was brought to mysterious circle's attention this morning for healing, there are some people who are discovering problems with health, and even though the medium sits as for meditation during the morning, she felt to do a good deed and ask the spirit team if they can help these people who are in urgent need, as they are going through it and are worried, the medium sat this morning, focusing on the healing, faces appear through mediums while sitting, The healing it self is being done by spirit healing team near the patients themselves where they are located, as the ether of patients at this time needs to stay put with the physical body. Take a look below at the images. The healing continues for all those requested in need. For those who can be helped will be,it is a shame and sad time when those who cannot be saved from the brink of death usually it is out of the hands of any spiritual healer, doctor or surgeon, if no more can be done, sometimes it has been known those on brink have death have survived, miracles can happen, sending out all positive energy and love to the people, hugs xx god bless to you all

Morning Meditation Healing Sitting:

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Evening Sitting:



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