6th June 2011 Mysterious Circle Physicalmediumship Big Healing Experiment

It is Monday 6th June 2011 the Big spirit Healing evening, It has been a very positive sitting, healing has been sent out to people in the world from the spirit healers, spirit healers have appeared on the camera, working there wonder,  the images have been still shot off the video recording and a video clip of the healing for you to see. Healing has been sent by special request to ushi Oeder, The healing is still being sent out to those in great need. The world is a beautiful place and should be treated this way with kindness, the more given to the planet and universe and to people and nature, animals the more can be healed with a greatness and life can be lived more happier and peaceful, change your ways, reduce anger by communicating calmly and resolving problems immediately, those who cannot make a difference, send them healing also, that one day, they may find it in themselves to become better people.
Enjoy the images below.

Evening Sitting Big Healing Spirit Experiment in the seance room: 

You Tube Link click  here



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