ET 26th June 2011 Big Spirit Experiment MYsterioUS circle

It is the 26th June 2011, Chris has gone to do a course called back to basics on mediumship, so Sylvia and the kids are alone together in the house, WOW she and the kids was not expecting this surprise.It is daytime, morning after 9am, children and Sylvia are in the TV lounge, kids are playing and watching TV, Sylvia was on the Laptop checking the site. Suddenly with out warning a bright light appears in the room which immediately caught Sylvia's attention, it was active, it was moving and it appears right near the chair where the old seance room curtain is slightly visible on the images below. This is a large size ET that began materializing, the downside that occurred, as Sylvia went to video record with her mobile phone the ET in action, the children got in the way at the wrong time, and the connection was lost, the ET disappeared as quick as that. She is grateful to be able to share the images below she managed to capture, these ET are Real, they visit her when they need to communicate with her for important news or something she needs to be aware of, the ET may have gone now, but they will return, lets hope they come back when Sylvia sits tonight for meditation. Check for the evening sitting updates later on. Some ET can appear similar to Angels of Light, the ET here could easily blind a person as there appearance is very powerful and the human eye could not tolerate the strength, ET and Angel sometimes need to lower there frequency to enable others they want to see them, see with out being blinded.

 Evening sitting For Meditation:
Since the ET experience earlier on today, Sylvia decided to sit in the room where the ET appeared, and as it was quiet and not stressful, she sat for meditation, she has not sat in the lounge for weeks, so whilst she got the opportunity to whilst Chris has been out she took her moment, look below at what has happened, has the ET done something to help the materialization process and transfiguration get stronger and better? Some images may contain the mediums higher self.

ET Visitor in the morning in the Lounge:
look closely at each picture you can see the face building in each picture and ears, if the ET did not get alarmed unexpectedly, it would have fully materialized, this ET is part of the Species in the "ET LIGHT" they can be seen if they wish to appear to anyone, they can camouflage in any conditions arond light or anything useful to them to use to hide if they need to. The Golden ET connect with these sometimes and work in the sittings, many ET can alter in size and shape and color. You may Believe Or Disbelieve, this is Real.


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