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Live Camera broadcast online begins today 14th June 2011 go to the LIVE CAMERA PAGE for further details. Broadcast begins 6:30 pm UK England time. There is No easy access to this broadcast those who are dedicated followers of the mysterious circle need the ACCESS CODE, to view.

It is now the first launch of the live camera evening, the mysterious circle sat, online viewers present who got private access to the broadcast, Chris the circle leader also present and medium Sylvia, 2 video camera's filmed and recorded the sitting, 1 webcam was used for the live online broadcast, 1 video recording had an unusual phenomena on, having trouble at this time getting the distant recording loaded. The close up camera you can see the different levels of light coming in through the full video, the better visual light a clip of video is added, the sound is not on the video, to keep information private. In the video of distant it seems as though the spirit photographer were attempting to get the spirit people seen better, yet it seems out of control, speed ed all over the place yet in between spirit are coming through, it would be good if this can be shown. Look at Images below, and check out the clip of video. Spirit world art has been drawn and shaded in by a Charles Underwood, will add the picture to the post, any more images found will be added to the post, and more video clips to, watch this space for more updates.

I must apologize to those who over heard an argument during the online broadcast, this should not of occurred, witnesses will have seen and heard the situation over the music. This will not happen again, if it does, then the answer is to remove the circle leader from sitting as it does not help a sitting when disharmony is in the atmosphere. Even though the minor hick up occurred the night went well, the camera number 2 crashed out, phenomena was very strong it was difficult getting the still shots and video clips, spirit team helped put things right, thanks to them, would not be able to of posted much up. Will be adding more pictures and video clips, the sound is off the video clips to prevent any fraudulent medium searching the internet for information gaining access to it, all evidential information is carefully shared to public who it concerns evidential.

Charles Underwood Spirit world art medium was blind folded 

Camera 2 distant:



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