Live Camera Launching 14th June 2011

 Many who follow mysterious circle, may be interested in the Live Camera where you can observe for spirit or you can watch the missed live footage via the saved recordings. there also will be opportunities to get to see mysterious circle via live cam and at times get the option to communicate, and for those very special viewers can get the chance to sit with the circle online.There are people in the world, who can not travel for different reasons yet would love to be able to sit with the circle, this will be an opportunity as time goes on with the live camera to do private sittings whether one to one or as a group.
Access will not be made easy for public. Only those with the given details will gain access to enter.
Mysterious Circle do NOT promise or Guarantee anything will occur on Live Cam, however we still say read the sitting rules and warning found at top of main page.
In rare cases in live cam and especially communication with sitters, anyone who causes disharmony or any dis respect to the circle or any other sitter, could face being banned from viewing. Anyone found in the Live sessions that should not be there, but some how got the access details, will be removed from the session.
Mysterious Circle want to help the spirit people and you, have a chance to get to know each other.
And it will be a good opportunity to launch the Live Camera's as soon as possible. 

For further details or access visit  become a follower or member, request access to the live camera, if you go to the contacts page, you can send in your request by email.
The Live Camera page link , is found at the top of the mysterious circle site.

Thank You


MYsterioUS Circle



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