Make a Difference in Someones Life

Today I felt over whelmed and inspired by some one I accidentally found on the net, a young girl age 15 who has terminal cancer, she made a page about all the things she wants to do before her time, it is very sad when anyone who ends up with an illness can show how much they can change the way they think and feel about things and can inspire other people to do something positive and make a difference in the world for others. Alice's Bucket List I would like to think a miracle could ever occur for alice, and if she could beat this illness it would be wonderful for her and her family, My thoughts go out to her even though I do not know her and never met her, I send out Spirit healing to  her in a positive measure and hope if a miracle can ever be to keep her alive and well, that I do hope it can some how be acchieved for her. We never always get what we want, I feel she deserves something wonderful and may all her wishes and dreams come true. Please show your support to Alice.

Thank You
Mysterious Circle



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