Missing People & Unsolved Cases Spirit World Detectives Launching 21st June 2011

UNSOLVED CASES & MISSING PEOPLE Spirirt World Detectives MYsterioUS Circle Launching 21st June 2011

Today Sylvia the medium of mysterious circle was browsing the internet, and purely by accident came across some concerns for missing people, Madeline Claudia Missing people death of young girl there are many people who go missing or die, or something tragic happens to them, sometimes in rare occasions, there is never closure to a unsolved case, answers are few, finding a clue can be hard when there's no idea where else to look or find hope. What if it could get solved? It can. It does not mean It never will. If the MYsterioUS Circle could be of help to make an attempt to link in with the Spirit Team, maybe they can help find the answers to these unsolved Cases. The Spirit World Detectives will be making an appearance and launching soon, and for those who are at a blank right now, not knowing which way to turn next, maybe there is still hope to find those who are missing.
It makes you wonder how many people there are on the planet, and how many people could have seen the missing people some where, sad thing is in this world, some people turn a blind eye to things and seem to not want to get involved or help anyone else, those who may have been an eye witness may have spoken up about who they seen and where, but who is listening and taking any notice of the information being given. Some fob off any small crucial detail thinking it does not apply or it not sufficient or important, every little bit helps to find some one. It is time people in the world did more in looking out for one another and speak up, not shut up. Maybe more lives can be saved from any unforeseen situation.
Some people choose gto go missing, it does not mean they are dead or missing, they just decide to themselves they never want to be found, some change there name there identity, there appearance. Some choose not gto go missing and it does not mean they are dead either, doe;s not mean they have been kidnapped, something else could of happened to them such as a accident or they got lost and cannot find there way back home, there are many reason's. People can also lose there mind forget who they are through illness, others can have no sense of direction, when anyone is in a strange place and it is new to them, that to can be hard to deal with even at a young age, getting lost or getting seriously hurt along the way even trapped can be another situation, many missing people can be closer to home than you think not always far away, unless your on holiday they could be anywhere.
Please send your thoughts to those missing or who may have passed on and the case is unsolved, send your  support to those families who are going through it, remembering those in the way you would like to be treated in return is important. Anyone can wonder off at any time, innocently go some where, may never return home.
What would you do if you lost some one? if you went missing what would you want to happen for you?
Never give up on any one, they may still be alive, they just need help in returning back home. And for those who are gone, there spirit will never rest till they are found.


My Prayers go out to them, and all there families.

MYsterioUS Circle



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