Special Sitting with Portany Circle To Do BIG Spirit Experiment Spirit World Art

This evening before sitting with port-any circle Sylvia earlier on in the day was being channeled through for a spirit world art drawing, Norman knight came through in this drawing from the medieval times, the port-any circle are going to allow Sylvia to sit in the pitch black with the circle and allow spirit to channel through her for spirit world art, There will be NO LIGHT when this occurs, lets see what comes through after Chris sits for physicalmediumship and Sylvia has been channeled with spirit, anything could occur watch this space for the drawings later

Norman Knight from the medieval period

Part of the Big Spirit Experiment Test Sitting in the Port-any Circle In Pitch black allowing spirit to come forward through Sylvia whilst Chris sits for physicalmediumship, they may channel through her to complete spirit world art, or something more...Look below for those pictures later on.
Foresturean  this was fully channeled in the pitch black whilst sat in the port any circle, Sylvia was not in trance



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