Video Short time Release-Live Physicalmediumship Transfiguration & Materialisation in Light MYsterious Circle
         Spirit Team has given mysterious circle permission to release this Video Clip Below to the    public to see.

Is the world Ready for this? Are you Ready? you may have watched the blog every day for updates, the postings of the still shots off the video recordings. But your biggest question has been, why have we not seen these video's? Is this genuine or fake? the questions go on.
What your about to see, is Real, it is not a creation from software or any other means. This is happening before your eyes. You can believe or disbelieve it, the choice is yours. What your about to witness is a form of physicalmediumship which at this time is called Beyond Physicalmediumship in Light, the Real name cannot be released yet till the spirit Team say we  can. It has took time and dedication to work with the spirit team, from the age of 8 years the medium has worked with physicalmediumship, however over the years it has been changed by the spirit team. This is NOT ectoplasm mediumship.This is NOT Psychic Photography or anything you may know of now, this is completely different, You may find it hard to get your head round when viewing, this is what you are seeing in light, it has been slowed down so you can see the changes easier taking place as in normal speed it is harder to see with the human eye. Before you click the play button, you must be ready in your own mind, body, & spirit that you can handle seeing what your about to see in light. Many of you may be alright with this, some of you may not be. Many of you may have sat in dark conditions with ectoplasm mediums and witnessed things differently. This is not the same.
The video is about 2 minutes long, in 2 minutes many spirit faces appear.

WARNING: Do Not Click play to watch if you are of nervous disposition, scare easy, have recently been bereaved. BY UK LAW Mysterious Circle are not allowed to promise or guarantee anything.

this 2 minute clip is from the video recording 2nd June 2011

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