WHO is Taking Over The Spiritual Movement?

The truth can be hard to swallow for some people, yet facing the truth can be even more harder when it involves something you would never ever feel could cause harm or even damage to any individual, and this is life it self. Those you supposed to trust and look up to can suddenly go from being nice and even support the same subject/s as yourself, but when you discover there is a discrimination, or something is wrong, and very wrong that is causing serious problems for other people, what do you do about it? do you let them carry on and win? or do you unite together and stand up for what you believe in and not give up what truly matters to one self? There are concerns in the spiritual movement as I type this post, and  I mean real concerns, where a spiritual door opened once and people of that time got together shared in a belief and helped one another, and encouraged those to develop further with the spiritual path they have been given to go on. Today is another era since the past, and now it is changing, those in the spiritual movement who believe in the same subjects are going against there own people no matter what religion or subject is in operation, some are now going to lengths to rid people in whatever way they can to remove them from the public eye and why?  and would even kill to get them out the way, some will make excuses to implant a negative seed to make a person of whatever subject feel they are not worth there time, those who go against there own only want certain people in view and nobody else, some want to gain and keep others at bay, it is becoming a bitter, jealous, competitive, money grabbing, greed that all that was once a caring loving helpful movement, is becoming now like a battle field, there are those who get threats to not do what they believe in, and if they do, something bad will happen to them, what kind of movement is this becoming, where's the compassion, the love, the peace & harmony, dignity, loyalty, trust, faith, helpful, caring etc people, WHERE IS THE PROOF OR EVIDENCE THAT THE ACCUSERS SPREAD TO THOSE IN THREATS? many may not have done anything wrong and will still be targeted for something, IT IS WRONG  no one should be treated this way, the message is clear, all people who live on this planet are real, and have feelings, and are entitled to opinions, a life, TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING, and to do some thing they are good at whatever subject it maybe, no one has the right to stop some one else progressing or evolving in anything they feel they want to do.
The message is clear, you cannot stop those who are helping others, you can do all you can to get them out the way, and the truth will be reviled one way or another, those who do or wish any harm to another individual, will never get away with it, KARMA pays back those who do HARM, if you do not like to be treated bad, do not inflict it on anybody else, Treat those how you want to be treated, respect each other, you may not like or agree with everything some one is doing or saying, Everyone has a chance and deserves something. The World is a big place, and there is plenty of it for everyone, NOT just for ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO MAY WANT IT ALL FOR SELF.




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