10th July 2011 Big Spirit experiment guest Sitter Art


it is the 10th July 2011 the mysterious circle has a very special guest sitter all the way from the netherlands his name is Art, he enjoyed a day out to Reavaulx abbey, we also filmed at the location where he witnessed what was happening at the time on the location, what he seen and did not see with his own eyes, it started off a sunny day but suddenly became heavy with rain. mysterious Circle has filmed at reavaulx abbey before however did not film on these host spots where filming took place today.
when filming was over we was going go head for helmsley castle, it never happened due to the weather being wet. We all sat again in the evening, so even though the post is up late, you have plenty to see, during the video recording check, art sat with the medium, checking all the video recording and witnessed what appeared, we did on a occasion end up surprised but laughing because a spirit appeared with a cigarette in the mouth but a graphic image also which cannot be posted up due to respect of the spirit and also to respect viewers who watch the site, but this was an evidence the male was definitely a man, a special materialization occurred in the seance room in the evening sitting the technology of an advanced piece of equipment that is not on earth now also appeared on the video recording yet was not in the room, and it appeared between Art and the wooden table. Take a look at all the images below of what occurred, there are still more images to add, these will be added today and tomorrow. Spirit world art been completed by Kutumbu image is below plus healing.
Male spirit appears wearing own outfit which appears over mediums, a bag and either a eye patch or hole in the eye aread of face, zoom in to get a closer look
baby orangutang head appears next to mediums head, you may think it is a grey head phone, that is the lower part of the monkeys face
ET technology appears between art and the table, next to Chris another spirit head appears
spirit appear on the mediums top and a arm with hand touching mediums leg


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