11th July 2011 Big Healing Experiment guest Sitter Art

It is the 11th July 2011, and the evening sitting for the Big healing experiment takes place in the old seance room, present is guest sitter art from the Netherlands, and circle leader Chris, it has been a positive sitting.Phenomena takes place during the sitting, the camera becomes affected by the strong connections in the room, art received healing, and lots of healing has been sent out to people in the world and those for the healing list, Jennie has special healing being sent out to her. We are sure Art will fill you in on his personal comments on this sitting that he may wish to share when he returns to Netherlands at end of the week.Kutumbu brought through healing, many phenomenal appearances in faces appeared, Art has been filming with his camera in the sitting, spirit are testing out his camera, he has been made aware they choose whether to use other camera's or not.more images will be added here more to still shot off the video recording

ET Head appears between mediums head and Art's head

the table becomes covered with something that is not there, camera dematerialized, male appears transfigured over mediums face

face appears on side of chris head looking at you

Art is leaning forward, behind him a arm appears round his waist with fingers,in front of the medium, a ET appears as though partly through art head, you can see the Large ET eyes, when the camera gets obstructed by any sitter it can affect what is appearing this is why it important people sit back unless instructed to move about

healing spirit hands appear out of the medium whilst medium entranced



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