13th July 2011 Big Spirit experiment guest Sitter Art

It is now the 13th July 2011, mysterious circle sits for physicalmediumship in light, present is Art and Chris, plus live camera online viewers. it has been a positive night, spirit world Art took place, communication was given by different spirit people and surprises have been given on the video recordings. Art will have plenty to say on what he experienced in the sitting and what he has seen on the video recordings, it is a time where some one who sits face on in a circle  can get the opportunity to see for themself what the spirit people are bringing through and sharing, those who are watching via live camera will see another form of the spirit work, yet whether your eyes detect the spirit or not, there evidence is given to the sitters to show what has taken place in the spirit vibration to our physical vibration, both are close and at times collide but they can appear at the same time with out feeling the effects in the awareness immediately, those people on the physical life, some are sensitive and can see spirit, some cannot see or hear  yet the spirit are all around us all the time, even the higher selves walk by your side giving you guidance protection in your life, higher self does alot more than any one realises. take a look below at the images for this evening, there is still more images to post, still to add yesterday evening post as this has not been checked yet. please check back for updates on all posts.

dematerialisation in the chair of medium

medium transfiguring side view

spirit stands next to medium

an elder spirit appears over the mediums face side on

spirit woman appears like a picture through the top of mediums higher self

spirit face appears side on mediums head

chris higher self stands over chris and on his back appears 3 square pictures from another world

Art leans forward phenomena OCCURS

spirit face appearing over the front of scarf

spirit and chris hands connecting yet phenomena occurring same time

phenomena occurs over Art head

teeth appear on mediums nose

double headed spirit in one

spirit mouth appears in cheek the mediums face alters

art feels he knows this spirit face on mediums face

Boswana chicata



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