14th July 2011 Mysterious Circle Great Out doors guest sitter Art at Easby Abbey

It is now the 14th July 2011 day 5 of the special guest sittings for mysterious circle's guest sitter Art, today we filmed outside at easby abbey, and the timing was spot on, it was quiet, not busy at all, no one about, so we took our moment to film. Not all pictures are loaded up, more will be added, Take a look at the images of the spirit that appeared, some images contain the mediums higher self, it has been a real good sitting, the evening sitting has not been today, sat for Chris instead. Art will fill everyone in on his experiences on the sittings, each sitting he has witnessed he has also has sat next to the medium Sylvia, seeing on the video recordings the spirit people. He has had a real true experience he shall go home, never forgetting. the energy was lovely at easby, it has been a great morning to sit.Sorry the post is up late in the evening, been entertaining Art all day enjoying each others company.
some images contain the mediums higher self, the higher self of art also appears and a spirit person behind him


mysterious circle special guest sitting with Art at easby abbey 14th july 2011

Easby Abbey:

Art higher self stands behind him

Art has a transparent spirit stood behind him



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