17th july 2011 the great outdoors to mount grace priory, Mysterious Circle

it is the 17th July 2011, today has been a day of wonder, was not sure what was going to occur, a unexpected day out to mount grace priory is where the medium and family went today, and to there surprise is a very big place, even though the place was not busy, what few public was there, it became difficult at times filming, the higher self of medium appears in many images on the video recording, there are some spirit people to and phenomena, it was a place that felt peaceful, yet one spot was a little aery in a small building which had furniture in, that was a dark point not very well lit. other wise a nice day out, the medium did not sit well for the evening sitting so that post is not going on today, take a look below at the images for the abbey (priory)

mount grace priory:



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