18th july 2011, Mysterious Circle sitting for meditation

it has been a nice morning, very uplifting for the 18th July 2011, having sat alone has been good. recently learnt that there are some people that doubt the mediumship of Sylvia however those who witnessed the live camera night all experienced problems with there computers, yet the live camera recording saved on justin.tv, those who went back to the live recording discovered for themselves that the spirit that came through that night did actually appear through the live camera whilst Art sat face to face in person in the live camera sitting, those who doubted or have not yet seen the saved recording on justin tv will have to confirm whether they still doubt or believe, those who sat face to face in the circle with the medium, have confirmed the medium and spirit are genuine in what they witnessed in the sittings itself for a full week at the mediums house, those who have not ever sat with the medium may doubt now, however one day there doubt may not be a doubt any more.
in this mornings sitting it has been a relaxing time, no trance no meditation but a form of up liftment and chilling to music, take a look below at the images.

this evening the mysterious circle sat for the Big Healing experiment, sending very needed healing around the world, and to those on the healing list, during the sitting 2 cameras was filming and recording, one camera picked up light phenomena changes in the room, the other camera picked up levels of light changes plus spirit appearing in the chair and out of the chair around medium, there was very little communication however spirit switched the main light off for a matter of minutes then returned it, plus flashed the light several times, Chris the circle leader witnessed a lot of activity phenomena in the room and heard walking, take a look at the images from the cameras what occurred. the great healing is still taking place, the light energy was used to send a huge power of healing to those who are in urgent need now that includes Jennie and other people connected on the healing list as emergency.



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