19th july 2011, Mysterious Circle sitting for meditation

It is now the 19th July 2011 another new day, this morning Sylvia the medium of the mysterious circle sat for meditation in the new seance room, it was a lovely peaceful sitting for her alone, at times during meditation, she felt she could drift off to a deep sleep however kept her alertness, good job she did otherwise chris would of been late picking up our daughter from nursery as medium found him asleep downstairs later on after sitting. The connection was good with the spirit people, medium asked private questions to spirit and awaits answers, look below at the images what occurred during the sitting below, the medium also requested emergency healing to Anita and Jennie, healing is still in progress for them. Evening sitting takes place this evening, the Live camera sittings has now moved to a Wednesday evening every week at the same time 6:30pm UK England time.

 Evening sitting physicalmediumship:
 It has been an amazing evening for sitting, Chris the circle leader is present with the medium Sylvia sitting for physicalmediumship with spirit world art, a infra red  CCTV camera is mounted on the wall in the seance room and camera records the CCTV, and the video camera is in the seance room also filming in normal conditions, it has been a very interesting evening, Marcus and Maurice completed spirit world art with photography and spirit  and mediums higher self is captured on all cameras, take a look below at the images for the sitting, Tommy and Silas also came through and spoke, live camera evening should be a good one on Wednesday, enjoy the images below, spirit moved the camera recording for  CCTV camera during filming.Chris mum came through but did not speak, she hugged him, the main light in the seance room was  switched off by spirit at beginning of the sitting when the medium closed her eyes for trance.

Daytime Sitting Meditation in Seance Room:



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