20th july 2011, Mysterious Circle sitting for meditation & live camera Sitting

today is the 20th July 2011, a short meditation sitting took place this morning for the medium Sylvia in preparation for this evenings live camera sitting, IT HAS BEEN A TIME FOR RELAXATION AND COMMUNICATION with the spirit team,there is much to do and progress towards with the sittings, yet spirit are determined to full fill there requests to achieve there goals in sharing as much as they can from there places of existence, only time will tell for those who seek further insight into the other life forms of existence, please check back for this evenings post.

Live Camera sitting Evening:
 It has been a very powerful sitting as the medium discovers after sitting for live camera, online viewers watched the live camera, the circle leader sits face to face with medium, yet the spirit people have brought through phenomena and themselves on the video recording, this recording nearly never got on the site tonight as there was a major error on the upload, after an hour of attempts something appeared on the computer that has never appeared before fixing the error, we are grateful we can share tonight's sitting, much has occurred, communication and important information to those who listened in heard Silas speak, Tommy and other communicators, the efforts are becoming more positive in the work they do for live camera and for video recording, please enjoy what your about to see below, the spirit world transmitting into the seance room.


Daytime Sitting:



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