21st July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

the week is flying by, it is now the 21st July 2011 another new day, this morning Sylvia the medium of mysterious circle sat for meditation alone whilst it was nice and quiet, it lasted about 14 minutes but was enjoyable, Sylvia spoke with her spirit team privately, and then relaxed. the meditation was recorded, after the sitting she checked the video recording, below are the still shots from the recording.this evening the medium shall sit again watch this space for updates.

beyond Physicalmediumship sitting evening: 
other life forms of existence whether it be spirit world, ET, or any other universal life form, can share so many things with us in this world we live in, before the medium sat , she communicated alone with her spirit team and she did a quick color picture, a spirit channeled through her, the spirit is stood next to her, you will see this in the last picture on this evenings post, when Chris entered the room to sit, he did opening prayer as usual, when Tommy spoke, much was said, on how sooner the visitors are coming, and some will hit before some of the dates other people who heard the live camera of ET words,this is a time of concerns, in which they may have to step in and deal with things that are going out of control on earth.Take a look below at the still shots of tonight's sitting.

spirit world art, with spirit person stood next to medium

daytime sitting meditation:



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