22nd July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment Meditation sitting mysterious Circle spirit world art

today the 22nd July 2011 the medium was originally prompted to sit for meditation and focus on allowing spirit artist to come through and complete ET painting, the medium prepared the paints, paint brushes and pallet, water and canvas so it all set for the spirit artist's to work with, medium heavily blind folded her face completely covering her eyes with scarf, spoke to spirit team then went in to altered state of deep meditation, she was not aware what was happening, when she awoke from the complete sitting she found Chris in the seance room sat with her, she asked him what was he doing there? he replied he was taken from his chair downstairs and brought back up whilst medium was blind folded and shown the picture on the wall, who resembles a relative of his. when the medium seen the picture she was surprised as she felt the spirit artist's was going to work on ET art. the medium checked the video recording to see what was going on, the art can be seen being completed whilst medium is blind folded, Chris is no where near the art whilst it being completed, take a look below at the spirit world art that took place this morning. Shian also made music on the singing bowl, images of shian below. Also the art work of shian.

evening sitting: 

it has been a very positive sitting, Chris the circle leader sat with the medium Sylvia spoke with Tommy and shian, shian is from the outer universe, shian produced a spirit world art picture with the words written on it, this is the way of the shian, shian is one of the mediums communicators that work with her, and is a master, shian rarely makes an entrance, will post the picture up soon for you to see, please take a look at the images for this evenings sittings.

master shian playing music on the singing bowl shian head appearing above mediums top of head

master shian playing a tune on the singing bowl

daytime Sitting:


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