25th July 2011 Big healing Experiment sitting MYsterioUS Circle

It is the 25TH July 2011 the BIG SPIRIT HEALING NIGHT, and the spirit healers ,spirit surgeons, spirit doctors work there wonder to help those in the world and on the healing list, through there illnesses, those who can be helped are, and those who are beyond help yet it may be there time to cross over, are helped along safely. It has been a positive evening the healers that came through gave out alot of there energy, also who came through and spoke are tommy, goddess kemar, sirius of the serpent and spoke of horus, and chantelle gibson, chris enjoyed the sitting, much was given in communication to him also. take a look below at the images for this evening sitting, there may be possible cancellations of sittings this week, please keep check of updates on site on any cancellations for sitting as the medium is coming down with a cold, it has been said she will be worked on in her sleep and other people to on the healing list to help rid as much of the illness that is creeping in.

Evening Sittings in old seance room:


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