26th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

today is the 26th July 2011, it is evening 6:30 pm and the mysterious circle are getting ready to sit for beyond physicalmediumship in light, Chris the circle leader sits with the medium, the sitting was short due to spirit instructions for a short sitting. Tommy communicated, a person came through did not speak by voice only wrote words on paper and left no name, but gave a warning of a quake on its way to UK this week will hit unexpected, this can only be seen as evidential when something happens. a lot of the vortex been opened up this week to help those on the other side get through stronger.The lights in the seance room have been controlled at different levels during the sitting, one light was shut off completely then put back on, the other was brightened up then lowered down. the circle of light behind the medium is not phenomena light, it the brightness of red light the level it went to. take a look below at the images for tonight, some images contain mediums higher self, the higher self of medium helps bring through other life forms of existence in to the sittings.the higher self also walks with the medium in her life.


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