27th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

It is live camera night for 27th July 2011, wow what a night, full of surprises, Chris the circle leader sits with the medium, and online viewers watch the live camera broadcast, during the sitting communication came in from Tommy, Silas  and few other communicators, spirit world art been completed, viewers experienced technical problems yet, the ET that came through had plenty to do with it, Chris was told not to go near anything, however he went beyond the point when he should not of. Any how the live camera recording on Justin tv, is seen live in action the spirit and ET transfiguring and materializing over the medium, communication was very much of an importance, the other camera recording in the seance room picked up plenty of hugs orbs, and transfiguration etc, it has been a good night all round, so it is advised to viewers go play back the live camera recording see what the spirit and ET did the time you had your problems, thank you for supporting the mysterious circle.

Below are some still shots off the Justin.tv recording, and others off the video camera, had no time to add more pictures as got to have an early night  to bed for early start tomorrow, will up date this site any time to weekend.

Live Webcam on Justin TV still shots off the Justin.TV recording :
many viewers experienced there computers having technical problems when the ET came through communicating however the full video saved and everything was visible even the ET communicating and appearing over the medium.

materialised object (house) from the ET world

materialised object (house) from the ET world

Video Camera recording still shot images below:



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