2nd July 2011 Private Test sitting Alone MYsterioUs Circle

it is 2nd July 2011 a Saturday, Sylvia rarely sits on a Saturday, but took a chance quietly without letting anyone know she was sitting, it was only for about 20 minutes maybe less, to build back her confidence as these past few days have been a bit upsetting for her, however she is finding positivity and hope to keep going forward in  her life. Sittings for any medium must have nice calm relaxed atmosphere and stress free, other peoples negativity or un welcoming vibrations are not good for any circle to sit.So for these passed few days even though she made attempts to sit, it was an emotional time and not a good time to sit.She is beginning to feel lots better in herself to what she was and did a test sitting quietly to see if things was going to be ok, she had 2 cameras on one was not recording at times, the other was, there was some phenomena being picked up in the room and in the cabinet, can not add the phenomena pictures not sure if she got them on the camera but she watched the viewer at times before she sat without recording anything. Whilst the medium sat in the cabinet things began to happen, the camera picked up the transfiguration, look below at the images.



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