29th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment great out doors mysterious Circle


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it is the 29th July 2011 another visit to some locations Hailes Abbey Langtown Castle  & Goodrich castle, second stop  langtown, wow there was only the "keep" left standing so whilst there was no public about the medium filmed whilst she had the chance too, she felt it was not just a keep, yet had other things going on in this place, it had a feel of knights at a round table, a secret spot at other times of the day, earieness to this place, was worth the short visit, you will see in some of the images the mediums higher self working with her and spirit.
3rd stop,Goodrich was a good castle to visit, the downside was it was difficult at times filming due to public being busy, some parts of the castle the medium felt she could not go to, that's the high up spots, she felt better on ground level, it had a mixed feel in the place, one area she felt hanging and being closed in a very small space being caged in for punishment. Take a look below at the images for good rich, you will find some images contain the mediums higher self.
Hailes Abbey, Goodrich Castle & Langtown Castle
Hailes Abbey:
hailes abbey is a real nice peaceful place, it is not a private place now, very open, which made it very difficult to film in a public place, the link with spirit was not a relaxing time, became a frustration as too many obstacles was in the way at time of filming, the higher self of medium walked with medium and helped bring through, what few faces could be brought through to be seen at the abbey, take a look below at hailes abbey images.
Langtown Castle:
Goodrich Castle:
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