30th July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment great out doors mysterious Circle


it is the 30th July 2011, on the way home from a long few days away, the medium & family stopped off at Ashby de la zouch castle, a special event was taking place there, people dressed up as those from the past re in acting how they lived, whilst the event was in progression the medium Sylvia decided to take a look round with family, in between looking she filmed on those hot spots, it was not easy filming, people was appearing from all directions, the one place she would of loved to have filmed in, was the secret passage, this ended up to busy with people going in and out so she never got to film in there, she did feel a lot spirit in that area. the filming here was not the best due to public being busy, what few filming she got was worth going, take a look below at the images, some images contain the mediums higher self, other images contain faces of spirit.
check the other dates for 28th & 29th July 2011 on separate posts
Ashby de la zouch Castle:


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