31st July 2011 Big Spirit Experiment mysterious Circle

It is the last day of the month for 31st July 2011, Sylvia the beyond physical medium of mysterious circle sits alone, working healing in advance in preparation for the Monday sitting healing night. Special healing has been sent out to people on the healing list, and a very special healing has been sent out to a lady in great need, her picture was near the medium on the table with the healing list, the spirit healers worked with her picture and sent very special healing rays to her, to help her as much as they can, all we can do is wait, the healing has begun today and will be continued on tomorrows sitting. many people will receive healing during there sleep state which will help the healing side work a lot more better for those relaxing, for those who can be healed, will, for those who cannot will be helped to the point they can be. Take a look below at the transfiguration images below of those helping with the healing at this time.

at this time a person in a photograph has been worked on by spirit healer materializing special energy in to the person in picture which is no longer visible, transformed into rainbow healing energy


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